Specialist Products – The Spice Company

For the more specialist items we can supply the following n bulk (between 10 and 25 kg)


Angelica Root Leaf and Cut, Seed
Agnus Castus Berries
Arrow Root Root or Powder
Blackberry Leaf
Burdock Leaf and Root
Catnip Herb
Chamomile Flowers
Chicory Root Root
Elder Flowers
Elderberry Berries
Galangal Root and Powder
Ginseng Root
Hawthorn Berries and Leaf
Hibiscus Flowers
Jasmine Flowers
Licorice Root, Powder and Fine Cut
Milk Thistle Herb Cut and Seed
Mulberry Leaf
Orric Powder
Psyllium Seeds, Black, Pink, Husk Seeds, Black, Pink and Husk
Raspberry Leaf
Rosehip Whole, Fine and Cut
Safflower Flower
Verbena Leaf Whole
Wormwood Herb Cut